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Tasting beer

It’s beer and food festival season so I decided to write a beginner’s guide to the taste in the beer we all like to drink (hopefully Independent Brewing or other local brews).

This is not a definitive guide or the only way to enjoy trying new beers, look at it as a starting point on the journey, to thinking a little more about the beer you enjoy and why you enjoy your beers.

Ok, beers have a taste, we all know that. Different ingredients bring different flavours. All beers start with four main ingredients Water, Hops, Malts (malts are usually made from Barley along with other grains added for reasons, flavour or cost) and yeast. Each of these four provide different elements to the flavour of the finished beer. Continue reading

Beer Ingredients: Malts

Malt is the body and soul of beers. It provides the raw material for the yeast to act upon and give the beer its flavours  to compliment the hops.  It is also the main source of the colour of the beer and depending on the types and amount of each malt used the colour can vary from the palest lagers to the darkest stouts and porters. So how does this happen??

Barley is the perfect grain for the brewing process due to its high starch content. This starch provides plenty of sugar enzymes  used in creating the flavours and the alcohol in beers. The malt process starts by the Maltster who soaks the barley in water for approximately 24 hours until the barley has a 45% water content. This rehydration starts the sprouting process, rootlets and a sprout start to form at this point on each grain of barley. This process is controlled by the Maltster and when it has reached a desired stage the damp flavourless grain is sent to the kiln to be dried. Continue reading

Success at Irish Quality Food & Drink awards

Preas-ráiteas – leagan Gaeilge
14ú Meán Fómhair 2014

Gradam buaite ag Grúdlann Ghaillimheach

Bronnadh Gradam ar an Independent Brewing Company of Ireland ag na Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards i mBaile Átha Cliath, Déardaoin seo caite. Bhuaigh Independent Stout an chéad duais sa chatagóir lager agus ale, ag searmanais bronnta sa Mansion House ar an 11 Meán Fómhair. Ainmníodh Independent Pale Ale ar an ngearrliosta freisin. Tá an ghrúdlann suite i gcroílár Chonamara, i gContae na Gaillimhe.

“Tá an-áthas orainn an Gradam seo a bhuachan,” arsa an grúdaire agus bunaitheoir an chomhlachta, Kevin O’Hara. “Is léiriú é seo ar ár ndúthracht agus ár ndíograis – líontar agus cuirtear caipín agus lipéad ar gach buidéal de láimh.”

Bunaíodh na Irish Quality Food and Drinks Awards chun aitheantas a thabhairt d’earraí ar ardchaighdeán a dhéantar agus a forbraítear i gcomhlachtaí ar fud na hÉireann. Continue reading