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Yeast in action

Fermentation in action: Yeast party in our beer.

A quick video of one of our fermenters with the foam from fermentation spilling out. Central to the whole beer making process is the yeast that converts sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Here you can see the fermentation in full swing creating lots of foam which is spilling out of the fermenter.

Halloween Monster Mash

It’s been a very busy two weeks! The building that we have moved into is in good condition but some slight modifications had to be done to make it suitable as a brewery. The main work revolved around cutting the floor to install the floor drains and the electricians getting the wiring ready.

The brewery was delivered on Tuesday, with the suppliers arriving that night to begin the install on Wednesday. As the day went by, the phone calls to the transport company became more urgent, while the estimated delivery time kept getting later; before lunch, after lunch, 5 o’clock and then finally at 7 o’clock the lorry rolled up to the front door.


Left to right: Copper – for boiling, Mashton – for steeping the grains, Hot Liquor Tank – for heating water Continue reading

The beginning

Welcome to the website of Independent Brewing. We have just moved into our brewery premises in Carraroe, Co. Galway. Building work starts tomorrow to turn the current building into a brewery and there is lots to do as our brewing equipment is due to arrive within the next three weeks.

There are busy times ahead and we’ll be keeping this site updated with news of all the progress.