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Indie Beer Week

Indie Beer Week, 23rd June – 2nd July

From the 23rd June to 2nd July, breweries across Ireland will be opening their doors and inviting their local communities to join them for Indie Beer Week, a celebration of independent Irish beer making.

“This is the beauty of the independent craft beer movement, says Kevin O’Hara, the current Chairman of the Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland. “It’s brought beer making back into local communities. As a group, we wanted to create an event celebrating the links between the breweries and their communities. This is what Indie Beer Week is all about – the simple pleasure of enjoying a well-made local beer with your friends and neighbours.”

Brewers will also be working together closely with other local food producers, craftspeople, musicians, and artists to showcase the independent spirit of their region. “This is another important aspect of small independent breweries,” O’Hara says. “Besides making great beer, they very often act as a hub and catalyst for other local activities. This is something we really want to shine a light on with Indie Beer Week, that small breweries can act as a cultural and economic catalyst in a region. We want to show our commitment to our local communities and say thanks for the way they have embraced us.”

Independent Brewing will be participating in two events for Indie Beer Week. In conjunction with Féile an Dóilín we will be hosting an open day at the brewery on Saturday 24th June from 2pm, offering everybody a chance to see the brewery in operation as we brew out Féile an Dóilín beer, sample our brews and enjoy a barbeque with the Irish Charcoal team.

A week later we will be teaming up with our colleagues in Galway Hooker Brewery and Sheen Dignam of Galway Food tours to offer people a bus trip to visit the two breweries and enjoy a food & beer pairing lunch.

Indie Beer Week kicks off on June 23rd and runs until July 2nd 2017. The initiative is cofunded by the participating breweries and the Local Enterprise Office. For a full calendar of events, please go to